Are You Protecting Yourself And Others
From Getting Sick?

Introducing the Five Oceans Wellness Kit

Our mission is to prevent and contain the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria.
The concept of the wellness kit came together from conversations with Dentists, Pharmacists and other health care professionals who wanted a high-quality and safe solution to protect the public and staff from viruses and bacteria.


Personal Protective Equipment Wellness Kits

Five Oceans Wellness Kit Offers protection that help prevent you from getting ill from the most common viruses. The brands we use are the same brands used by healthcare professionals at hospitals. We want you to have the same protection.

You can trust Five Oceans Wellness Kit as the easiest and most convenient way to help prevent the spread for viruses and bacteria. Our kits contain everything you need in one handy package: a mask, a sanitizer wipe, a pair of gloves, and a professional cleaning wipe. The best, most effective products, found all in one package. These convenient packages will make your workplace life safer and easier.

Your Wellness Kit contains:


  • 1
    ASTM Level 2
    Medical Mask
  • +

  • 1
    HR Hand Sanitizer
    Gel Pack
  • +

  • 2
    Fitguard Nitrile 
  • +

  • 1
    Optico Professional
    Cleaning Wipe

The Perfect Personal
PPE Wellness Kit

If you are looking for masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and
surface wipes, Five Oceans Health has just what you
need, all in one wellness kit.

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