Five Oceans Wellness Personal PPE Kit for Realtors

How do you manage the personal side of sales while not putting anyone at risk of contracting Covid-19?

PPE PackageThe real estate business requires public interactions.Our team of healthcare professionals at Five Oceans Health have produced a premium made in Canada Wellness Kit to provide a high level of protection for everyone you meet. Our kits include a Level 2 Medical masks, nitrile gloves, pharmaceutical grade hand sanitizer and lens / screen wipes for glasses / phones / computers. We even offer a re-sealable bag that is much more sanitary than using a rear view mirror, coffee cup holder or purse to store you PPE. These are the same PPE protection that dental and medical colleges mandate their doctors to use in practice. No more searching for PPE in your car prior to a showing or hoping people bring their own.

Our Wellness kits are perfect for your everyday scenarios of working in Real Estate.

Realtors - Now you can offer PPE in one convenient package instead of dispensing hand sanitizer, gloves and masks or hoping your clients brought their own. 

Buyers – Look more professional by giving your prospective clients an all-in-one Premium PPE kit to show you take their safety seriously.

Sellers – Show home owner you want to protect them against potential viruses by showing them you provide a Premium PPE kit to people coming into their home. 

The Five Oceans Wellness kit retails for $6 or more but is available to realtors at a wholesale cost as low as $3.50.